Map Walls Galore

We’re orienteers, which means that we love maps. This seems to come out heavily in our interior design on the team. This week, we’re sharing the variety of map walls that the team has! Enjoy!


The orienteering maps are in my kitchen. The top is from somewhere in Finland, I think, but I didn’t actually run the course. (I don’t want to put holes in maps I’ve actually run on since those all live in a box that has every single map I’ve ever run on sorted by region.) Below that one is the women’s long at the World Cup in Italy last fall. I ended up with a second one of those maps and it was a really cool course in a gorgeous forest, so I put it up as well. Maps go on this wall if they are extra, pretty big, and interesting enough I can use to demonstrate what orienteering is to friends who don’t know.

The other photos are non-orienteering maps in my bedroom. I put stickers on each state or country I’ve been in with different colors for living somewhere, orienteering there, other travel, etc. The Europe map is new and I haven’t added stickers to it yet.


I don’t really have a map wall, I just have maps scattered across my room:

My favorite map is Pereyaslav in Ukraine. It is the most beautiful open forest that I’ve ever ran through and the gentle rolling contours provide a challenge where you always have to stay on top of your orienteering while flying through the terrain at incredible speeds.

One of the most interesting maps I’ve ran on has to be Anza Borrego. It makes orienteering feel like an adventure sport.


The thought behind making this wall was that dorm rooms need decoration, and I have an overflow of maps. It also just makes me happy to see maps every day. I went with more of a free-form shape because I didn’t think I could manage to make any actual shape and filling a full wall in a dorm room for just a school year felt like a lot. I like to think I managed the abstract shape well.

It was pretty impossible to pick my favorite map on this wall, but one that I really like is from O-Ringen this past summer. It has the good memories of finally making everything click into a good race, and also it’s just a cool looking map.

The weirdest map and the most interesting map on my wall happens to be the same one.

I think it speaks for itself but ya, creepily edited photo of Greg makes it weird, the amazing old coal mine contours make it the most interesting (in my opinion).


The idea behind the map wall was just to catalogue different venues I’ve raced at over the years. A lot isn’t here, especially from my first 7 years of orienteering, but most recent ones can be found somewhere on the wall. I also wanted to have a divide between urban and forest races on a diagonal axis which you can kinda see, but the urban races soon overgrew their small corner, ruining this.

My favorite map would have to be Frenchman Coulee. While it isn’t the most interesting map, or the most difficult on the wall, it holds some of the best memories. Frenchman Coulee is a venue we train at in Eastern Washington with massive cliffs and a huge basin. I distinctly remember getting lost for two hours in a blizzard here with Jack Bruneel and Josh Colleran when I was in sixth grade. I’ve ran here many more times since and it has become one of my favorite venues. (Photo is digital since the map on the wall has been mostly covered by others).


The most weird map I have is probably this one from the First Water Classic 2022. It was a very… rough map where in one quadrant the contour interval is 40 feet and in the others it’s 20 feet. Not to mention its mostly outdated. But it was still a fun race despite me being constantly be confused, getting stabbed by dozens of cacti, and the race feeling overall more like a rogaining experience.


I moved into my apartment in Boston and had a blank wall and some maps around the northeast from my time in Ithaca. Decided I’d dedicate the wall to all the maps of the region that I’m gonna accumulate.

 I don’t think I have a favorite map, but I have good memories looking at the DVOA Big Woods NRE maps. That was my first time with an actually good result, and got to know a lot of the northeastern orienteers a lot better after that weekend.

Weirdest? I guess the Breakheart map from my first NEOC local meet when I was visiting Keegan. They ran out of red maps so I was given a retrofitted green or orange map or something.


My favorite map on the wall is the Kings Mountain map in the center. I ran there many times with my JROTC team and made some good memories. (Good memories meaning crying after running my first brown course). The most interesting map I would say is the yellow Joe Kurz map on the bottom. Thornier than one would imagine, and it’s located in Gay, GA.


This was my map wall in my dorm room back in my college days (aka 5 months ago) so it had select maps from when I was in college starting with the corn maze I went to a couple days after getting to school for the first time.

The corn maze map

My favorite map from this wall is the JWOC 2019 middle quali. First off, I really like the JWOC 2019 logo and the rainbow lines combined with the very colorful map makes for a very rainbow-y map. And then I also had a surprisingly good race and qualified for the A final, which was really exciting to celebrate with everyone then, but also ended up serving as a nice cap to my years of JWOC since (unbeknownst to me at the time) it would be my last. So it’s an extra good memory!


The beginnings of a map wall

My favorite map(s) on it are Shickshinny and Lost Lakes. Both are from UUSKPOC in the Poconos from early September this year.

The most interesting map I have is a geological map of canyonlands national park that someone was trying to throw out at our condo but I wasn’t about to let a map get thrown out cuz that’s illegal. 

Next week: an event recap! Will it be for the World Cup in Switzerland? Will it be for Master’s Nationals in Connecticut? Stay tuned to find out!


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